Being an Evil Dead obsessed fan for decades I have always wanted to track down and visit the infamous cabin. Now, living just a few hours from Morristown, TN and having access to directions to the somewhat "secret" location it was only inevitable. Tanya and I headed out probably somewhat skeptical that we would actually find anything. Morristown turned out to be quite a bit larger of a town than expected and as we arrived at the location it was surprising that we were basically in the middle of a regular ol' neighborhood. A few steps down the trail though it became pretty creep-ily obvious that this was indeed the right place. Down the trail and to the left was the clearing. This was the same stretch I had seen Bruce & company drive a hundred times! To the right are the unmistakable evil-twin trees that still stand. Behind that, 25 years of overgrowth right where the cabin stood made it a bit less recognizable but sho-nuff there was the infamous chimney and fireplace as well as crumbled pile of tin-roof - all that remains after the cabin burned down not long after the movie was filmed. After digging around for a bit I got the distinct feeling that it was time to get the hell out of there. I grabbed a couple of small keepsakes and skidadled on outta there... The walk back down the trail away from the cabin was quite creepy indeed! There were a few property for sale signs in the area which leads me to suspect that sadly someday soon this infamous spot will be just another victim of sprawl. We got a room at a hotel real close by and that night the skies opened up with one helluva lightening storm - bolts hitting that hill like a warzone. The stories were obviously true. Later that night after the storm we went out to witness an unbelievable full moon succumb to smoky black clouds and disappear into the blackness of the night just like in The Evil Dead. It was surreal.....

...Jeano Roid, 2006

Update: 4/08 Since posting this page I've gotten many emails in regard to the cabin. Unfortunately they mostly all went to an old rarely-used email address that I check once in a blue moon. My current email address is listed below and I'll gladly answer whatever questions you may have.


...Jeano Roid 2008

The cabin - probably in 1979 just prior to filming The Evil Dead.

Entering the "Trail of the Dead".. just feet from the main road...

A little further down the trail. The clearing is just past the broken tree in the middle of the photo. No turning back now!

The clearing in front of where the cabin once stood, which was just to the right. Sam's famous Olds 88 once parked here...

Where the cabin once stood is now an overgrown patch of very evil sugar maples. The only structure remaining is the old chimney - just visible...

The tin roof in it's final resting place...

Legend has it that the man who built the cabin way back when died before placing the final brick in the chimney.

The Book of the Dead once burned inside this fireplace. I nabbed a couple of pieces of very burnt structural brick that sat just inside the fireplace. If you hold them up to your ear you can still hear the woods.. Join Us!

The view facing away from the cabin. The original "evil twin" trees still grow today.

A view of the trail from the clearing. Once night falls it;s too late to get out..

A creepy-as-hell shot exiting the trail. Walking out you get the distinct feeling that "something" is right behind you... it;s the woods, they're alive!