Since my prior visit in 2006 (click fo more thorough descriptions of the cabin etc.) I'd been wanting
to revisit the site and take some better shots as well as some video. I should have video
edited soon. In the meantime, here's some newshots and details. Enjoy..




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NO TRESPASSPING sign posted at the entrance to the location.

Almost impossible to see from the road.


The "Trail of the Dead". In the movie footage you can see a row of young cedars along
the trail. 30 years of wild growth since the filming has changed the overall appearance
of the trail. Some of the cedars still grown today but they are very tall and really
only see bare trunks - that have seen better days..

A good shot of the famous "evil" trees in a clip from the movie. 30 years later the trees
still stand as maples and sumack crowds in around them.

The exact spot of the cabin. During the summer the chimney is barely visible.

The hole dug for the cellar trap door scenes isn't fully filled in. Word of an Evil Dead
"time capsule" buried here has probably resulted in more recent digging.

A good comparison shot of the tree to the right of Ash.

The chimney slowly falling in on itself. The stones are scattered about on the ground.. The footprint of the cabin has been overtaken by maples and sumack.

One of the few shots in the movie where you can see the inner bricks of the fireplace.

More evil that the Book of the Dead??

The area behind the cabin where other buildings seen in the movie once stood.


Exit to the trail on the left. The clearing behind the car is so thick today you can no
longer see the hills during the summer

The trail out - still as scary as ever!

The entrance from the road. Nothing more than a few posts to mark the evil that lurks further in the woods. Notice the old dead cedar right of dead center.

The view from the mouth of the trail. There are private "regular neighborhood" homes just to the right and left - wonder if they hear tree's coming alive from time to time?

Since my prior visit in 2006 I've received maybe a hundred emails - some commenting on photos, sharing stories about the site and the movie but the common has been requests for directions. After receiving an from a neighbor to the property asking specifically not to give out directions, I have complied with their wishes. Somebody is bound to make the mistake of posting the location on Google Earth or Mapquest and it won't be long then before the location is either cleared or closed up for good and I don't rather not be the one that made that happen..


Enjoy the photos - email me if you like..