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(Please specify which style vial you want. "jug", "tube" or "ball")

These are keepsake vials filled with earth extracted from the fireplace of the actual Evil Dead cabin in Tennessee. I have documented several visits to the location here: All you Deadites know how pivotal a role the fireplace plays in the movie - and now you can carry a small piece of that "evil" around your neck!

The dirt in the vial is a brighter red than the dirt in the surrounding woods which is certainly an indication that now only is this the most "evil" dirt around but as the red brick from the cabin's chimney has eroded over the decades it has leeched into the fireplace below along with the ashes from The Book of The Dead

You will not find a better, more authentic piece of horror memorabilia at a price anywhere near this price - if you do, buy it now and I'll buy it from you! Need proof that this is the real deal? Check out the documentation via photos below. I would have had to go through quite a bit of unecessary work just to fake it. Rest assured, this is the REAL DEAL! (click a pic to enlarge)

The dirt is still wet the next day after a trip home in a Ziplock bag.
Fireplace dirt is extracted from the Chimney of the Dead. The Book of the Dead once burned here. Some remnant of the ashes must remain!
The contents of that jar are sifted to reveal a very fine yet "Evil" dust.
Two days of drying under the sun and the mud has turned to dry dirt which breaks apart easily after shaken in a glass jar. The finer particles are separated into their own jar
The cork is firmly glued into the vial and hung on a heavy duty necklace. Wear as is or make your own jewelry!
The evil is refined and ready to be scooped into the keepsake vials. The keepsake vials completed. More work that you would think went into the process. Three styles are available: "jug" (left), "tube" (middle) and "ball" (right)